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Galveston Urban Ministries is a partnership that we deeply value at Heritage Park. Every summer we take a group of students to Galveston to work beside GUM and help empower them and their ministry within their community. Usually, we spend our mornings doing all kinds of work projects that GUM needs help with, whether it’s renovating an old building that they’re trying to put to use, or gardening in the community to help brighten the impoverished area. Knocking out a lot of the handy work frees up the Galveston Urban Ministry staff to continue building relationships with their neighbors because when we leave and come back home, the GUM staff stays there in that community. Then, in the afternoons, we usually get to spend time and love on a whole bunch of kids at the neighborhood recreational center. It’s some powerful ministry getting to love and cherish kids that never get to experience that in their own home. Our mission trips to GUM are some of the highlights of every summer. We get to do an enormous amount of good with Galveston Urban Ministries as well as have so much fun within our own group of people. These trips strengthen our relationship with GUM and also strengthens everyone’s relationship with each other. We take a trip at the very beginning of summer and a trip at the very end of summer. We do this to open up opportunities for everyone to get a chance to go.


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