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Our church family is reading the New Testament in 90 days as we lead up to Easter.  We believe that God will speak to us and make us more like Jesus as we invest ourselves in His Word.  The plan is to start on Jan 17th and read 3-4 chapters a day for six days per week (with Sunday as a catch-up day in case you get behind). 

If you’re coming into this late, you can jump in right where you are.  See below for some helpful resources about choosing a Bible, understanding the differences in Bible translations, and more that could be a help to you as we walk through God's Word this Spring.

Do you have an elementary schooler participating in NT90? Click here to access the Kids' Reading Schedule.

Helpful Resources:

As we journey through the New Testament together, here are some resources that you might find helpful whether you are new to the Bible or been reading it for years.