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WEEK 1 (JAN 17TH - 23RD)

We begin this journey where the NT begins its testimony and teaching:  the Gospel of MatthewMatthew is one of the four Gospels describing the life of Jesus Christ. Matthew was written to convince people familiar with the Old Testament that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah, God’s chosen Savior, and contains a large amount of Jesus’ teaching.  

Below, you’ll find the reading plan for the week and the link to the Bible Project video summary, a resource we highly recommend.

Bible Project Video Overview: Matthew 1-13

  • Day 1 (Jan 17th): Matt. 1-4
  • Day 2 (Jan 18th): Matt. 5-7
  • Day 3 (Jan 19th): Matt. 8-10
  • Day 4 (Jan 20th): Matt. 11-13

Bible Project Video Overview: Matthew 14-28

  • Day 5 (Jan 21st): Matt. 14-16
  • Day 6 (Jan 22nd): Matt. 17-19
  • Day 7 (Jan 23rd): Catchup Day