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WEEK 11 (MAR 28TH - APR 3RD)

This week we’ll read Paul’s letter to the Colossians and the Gospel of MarkColossians is a succinct and dense letter written by Paul. Paul portrays the superiority of Christ and warns the people not to be persuaded by false teachers.

Mark is the shortest of the Gospels and is thought to be taken from accounts of the Apostle Peter. In a fast-paced narrative, Mark emphasizes Jesus’ power and authority, calling His apprentices to follow Him at all costs.

Below, you’ll find the reading plan for the week and the link to the Bible Project video summary, a resource we highly recommend.

Bible Project Video Overview: Colossians

  • Day 71 (Mar 28th): Colossians

Bible Project Video Overview: Mark

  • Day 72 (Mar 29th): Mark 1-3
  • Day 73 (Mar 30th): Mark 4-6
  • Day 74 (Mar 31st): Mark 7-9
  • Day 75 (Apr 1st): Mark 10-13
  • Day 76 (Apr 2nd): Mark 14-16
  • Day 77 (Apr 3rd): Catchup Day