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WEEK 6 (Feb 21ST - 27TH)

This week we’re reading the Gospel of LukeLuke is the third Gospel and the last of the synoptics, or stories that give a synopsis of the life and teachings of Jesus. Luke’s goal is to encourage readers by detailing with historic certainty the events of Jesus’ life from his birth to His resurrection.

Below, you’ll find the reading plan for the week and the link to the Bible Project video summary, a resource we highly recommend.

Bible Project Video Overview: Luke 1-9

  • Day 36 (Feb 21st): Luke 1-3
  • Day 37 (Feb 22nd): Luke 4-7

Bible Project Video Overview: Luke 10-24

  • Day 38 (Feb 23rd): Luke 8-11
  • Day 39 (Feb 24th): Luke 12-15
  • Day 40 (Feb 25th): Luke 16-18
  • Day 41 (Feb 26th): Luke 19-21
  • Day 42 (Feb 27th): Catchup Day