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Confession breeds Faith

May 1, 2022 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: Habakkuk

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:12– 2:20

Confess what you know (v.12)

  • God is eternal
  • God is self-existent
  • God is sovereign
  • Got is Holy

Confess His will (as best you know it) (v.12)

  • "We will not die"
  • "You have ordained them as judgment"

Confess what you don't know (v.13-17)

  • Inactivity doesn't align with Your holiness (v.13)
  • Denigration doesn't align with Your purpose (v.14-15)
  • Idolatry and violence don't align with your justice (v.16-17)

Then position yourself and wait patiently (2.1-3)

God's Response

  • Write this down (2.2)
  • I'm at work (2.3)
  • Live by Faith (2.4)
    • The other way is the way of arrogance and wickedness (v.5-6)

Woe to the Babylonians

  • You plunder and will be plundered (v.7-8)
  • Injustice will put you to shame (v.9-11)
  • Building on bloodshed will show vanity of empire (v.12-14)
  • Forced drunkenness will bring shame back on you (v.15-17)
  • Trying to awaken an idol will lead to being silenced (v.18-20)

God gives the woes to His people to speak against th esource of their suffering and to sustain hope within them.

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