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James Part 2 - Be Careful what you call Good and Bad

September 18, 2022 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: James

Scripture: James 1:12–18

James 1:12

Keep the Future in Focus

  • God does not value our comfort the same way we do
  • God has a reward for those who remain steadfast in their love for Him

James 1:13-14

Place Blame where it Belongs

  • Trials and temptations - same word
  • Blaming God shows a misunderstanding of God's character and promises

James 1:15-16

Recognize the Real Problem

  • Flesh - my own brokenness
  • World - systems of broken people
  • Devil - evil plays on broken people and systems
  • Temptation happens when I ponder the possibility of the lie.
  • Desire conceives sin when indulged
  • Sin brings death - only and always

James 1:17-18

Reach out to the God who Redeems

  • He is good
  • He is father
  • He is faithful