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A Messiah and Some Disciples Walk into a Wedding

May 14, 2023 Preacher: Tyler Holloway Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 2:1–12

John 2:1-12


  1. John's preferred term about miracles of Jesus
  2. John chose only a few to include
  3. Why these? So that we might believe

John 1:43-51

Jesus was invited to the wedding

  1. He's the type of person that was wanted at celebrations
  2. God wants us to glorify him through his good gifts. How do we do that?
    1. Enjoy
    2. Say thanks
    3. Use them as intended
  3. God's limitations are to expand our freedom, not reduce it

James 1:17
John 2:3-5

An odd interaction

  1. Verses 3-5 difficult to interpret in light of the passage
    • You will come across that sometimes when you engage Scripture
    • That's OK
    • Start where you are at
  2. The Bible is crystal clear at the most important parts
    • Even with these couple verses there, we understand what happens

But here's what I THINK

  1. The "hour" - the time for Jesus to complete his work on the cross
    • We know this because "his hour" comes up a lot in John. Before Chapter 12, the hour has not come. In 12 and after, the hour has come
  2. For the rest of it, Jesus has a habit of taking something common and known and talking about it symbolically about himself
    1. Nicodemus and being born again
    2. Woman at the well and living water
  3. Wine was connecte in Old Testament with Day of the Lord, when God would redeem his people

The Sign

  1. With Jesus, what comes before is always replaced with something better
    1. Better wine
    2. Better covenant
  2. And it is absurdly abundant
  3. The Already... but Not Yet

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