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A Crazy Day at Church

May 21, 2023 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 2:13–25

John 2:13-25


  • When Jesus comes on the scene, life-as-usual cannot continue (true in ch. 1, 3, 4, etc.)
    • He is not mean or capricious but acts so that we may believe
    • His target: a life marked by eternity and not just existence
  • Religion that gets in the way gets disrupted
    • The noise of church – caLle, sheep, birds, money vs. laughter, singing,
      declaration, kids, weeping, silence, prayer, music, reading, encouragement,
      surprise, teaching, conversa8on / roar, blessing
    • The business of church
      • Product is people not profit – generosity, not sales
      • Values are delivered, not discovered
      • Practices are interrupting, instilling, and ingraining, not innovating
        (contextual expressions are fine, but innova8ons tend toward the
    • Disruption invites re-prioritization (presence and participation)

Zeal consume...reproach (Ps. 6999) – look to the Scriptures to understand God, what He’s doing


  • Atoning sacrifice vs. annual sacrifice
  • Worship of a person vs. worship in a place (visible, vital, central, imposing)
    • Don’t be surprised if religious people get flabbergasted and angry
  • Settled issue vs. lingering fear
  • Difference invites recalibration

Flimsy faith won’t get it done – that which is based on what God is doing that aligns with what I
wish He would do (in that moment, you prove yourself untrustworthy because you make
yourself the arbiter of what’s right and good)

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