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At Heritage Park, we believe that being a part of a church is more than just sitting in a line of chairs looking forward. Yes, it is important to gather to worship together and hear God's Word preached, but we believe deep life transformation means sitting in a circle as well as a row. We desire that everyone have a place to belong, a place that you are known intimately, and a place where you look at other people in the eyes. We need space to look across at other believers to encourage and challenge each other to pursue Christ in our daily lives. This page is a place where you can find more information about getting involved in a circle. 

If you are interested in more information about a particular Bible Study or Group, or just about our discipleship spaces in general, please contact us and let us know how we can help. 

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Early 20s | Chad & Tera Swigart | Room 240

Young Marrieds | Darren & KD Smith | Room 243

Adults, All Ages | Tyler Holloway | Room 247

Adults, All Ages | Emmitt & Lisa Wells | Room 242

Adults, Empty Nesters | Larry & Cathy Campbell | Room 245

Adults, Empty Nesters | Curtis Ramsey | Room 246

Senior Adults | Ken & Renee Luebeck | Room 142

Ladies, All Ages | Andrea Holloway | Room 248

Ladies, 50+ | Fran Price | Room 147

Senior Adult Ladies | Lisa Parker | Library

Men, All Ages | Chad Armond | Room 144


Young Marrieds | Tyler & Andrea Holloway | Tuesdays

Adults with Children | Mike & Paige Wells | Mondays 

Adults with Teenagers | Stoney & Ronda Chambers | Wednesdays

Adults, Empty Nesters | Philip & Kimberly Wilson | Wednesdays

Adults with Grandkids | Doug & Nancy Osterberg | Thursdays

ADULT MidWEEK Bible Studies

Women | Modene Mills | Tuesday mornings

Women | Sheila Partin | Wednesday mornings

Adults, All Ages | Rotating Studies | Room 245

Adults, All Ages | Larry Campbell | Wednesday | Room 147