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WEEK 13 (APR 11TH - APR 16TH)

We close our reading plan by reading the book of Revelation. Revelation is the book that portrays God’s final judgment on the earth. Jesus is portrayed as the Coming King who will right all wrongs and bring His people into the New Jerusalem, heaven come to earth.

Below, you’ll find the reading plan for the week and the link to the Bible Project video summary, a resource we highly recommend.

Bible Project Video Overview: Revelation 1-11

  • Day 85 (Apr 11th): Rev. 1-3
  • Day 86 (Apr 12th): Rev. 4-6
  • Day 87 (Apr 13th): Rev. 7-10

Bible Project Video Overview: Revelation 12-22

  • Day 88 (Apr 14th): Rev. 11-14
  • Day 89 (Apr 15th): Rev. 15-18
  • Day 90 (Apr 16th): Rev. 19-22

    April 17th: Easter