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WEEK 5 (Feb 14TH - 20TH)

This week we read what is arguably the most famous letter in the world, certainly the most famous in the NT, the letter from Paul to the Romans. Romans is a letter written to the Roman church by the Apostle Paul. It teaches the sinfulness of man, justification through faith in Christ, and the sanctification of the believer.

Below, you’ll find the reading plan for the week and the link to the Bible Project video summary, a resource we highly recommend.

Bible Project Video Overview: Romans 1-4

  • Day 29 (Feb 14th): Rom. 1-3

Bible Project Video Overview: Romans 5-16

  • Day 30 (Feb 15th): Rom. 4-6
  • Day 31 (Feb 16th): Rom. 7-8
  • Day 32 (Feb 17th): Rom. 9-11
  • Day 33 (Feb 18th): Rom. 12-14
  • Day 34 (Feb 19th): Rom. 15-16
  • Day 35 (Feb 20th): Catchup Day