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(Mis)Understanding Jesus

October 8, 2023 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 7:25–52

John 7:25-30, 40-44

Misunderstood where He came from

  • Incorrect assumption about Messiah
  • Uninformed of His origin story

John 7:32-36

Misunderstood where He was going

  • Not relocation
  • Not immediately
Where is He going?
  • He is going to the cross
  • He is going to the tomb
  • He is going to the Father

John 7:37-39

Misunderstood what He is doing

  • He is naming our deepest need
    • We know this because of our "broken wells" (Jer 2:11-13)
  • He is offering the best solution
    • He offers what slakes our thirst and the real experience of it
  • He offers the best promise
    • Deep satisfaction of our souls coming from the Spirit

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