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I don't Know Everything, but I Know This

November 5, 2023 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 9:1–39

John 9:1-5

Actor or Author?

  • We see the scenes but He sees the story
  • God will allow what He hates in order to accomplish what He loves

John 9:6-23

Afraid of the Mess?

  • Physically messy (v. 6-12)
  • Spiritually messy (v. 13-17)
  • Relationally messy (v. 18-23)

John 9:24-39

Confidence AND Clarity?

  • Confidence to say what you know to be true
  • Clarity on what you genuinely know
  • Confidence to speak (in the face of opposition)
  • Clarity on who Jesus is

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