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With Jesus in the Chaos

January 28, 2024 Preacher: Jarrett Richardson Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 11:1–44

John 11:1-22

Chaos is All Around

  • Tragedy
  • Confusion
  • Disappointment
  • Hopelessness
A Delay of Love
  • His Timeline doesn't always match mine
  • Pray for Patience
  • Impatience turns to Expectation

John 11:23-37

Jesus Steps into Our Chaos

  • Chaos can cause searching
    • Approach Jesus, Voice Doubts, Remember Truth
  • Your view of Jesus will impact your relationship with him

John 11:38-44

Jesus Delivers on His Promises

  • He's purposeful with his timing
  • He's in control of everything
  • Jesus' purpose is not your Relief, but your Belief

Jesus Offers Himself



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