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Witness to Triumph

February 11, 2024 Preacher: Trent Henderson Series: Gospel of John

Scripture: John 12:9–20

John 12:9-12


  • Witness is costly (but do it anyway)
    • God has done what He has done
    • Suffering and trouble are normal parts of the Christian life
    • Evil loses in the end
  • Witness is exponential
    • No lack of opportunity
    • Momentum builds
    • Unexpected impact

John 12:12-21


  • Misunderstanding the nature of the Triumph
    • Have to read backwards in order to understand
    • Zechariah's prophecy (Zech 9:9-11)
      • Gentle King will bring wars to an end
      • Gentle King will speak peace to the nations
      • Gentle King will liberate because of the blood of the covenant
  • Revealing the agenda of the Triumph (Ex 12:1-6)
    • Lamb selection day
    • Five days to verify its blamelessness
    • Sacrifice of Passover Lamb

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